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Elbow problems?

Use a Hybrid string pattern or a softer, Multifilament string such as Tecnifibre XOne, Babolat XCel. 

Strings and weather

Colder temp = more rigid feel

Warmer temp = looser, softer feel

A quality stringing service

includes frame cleaning, pre-stringing inspection, string bed alignment, handle visual inspection

2011 Most highly rated strings

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power


Babolat ProHurricane

Tecnifibre Blackcode

WeissCANNON Silverstring

Babolat VS

Tecnifibre XOne Bi -phase

Kirschbaum Proline

Solinco TourBite




Strings and Costs

Natural Gut - best elasticity, "liveliness", tension stabiliity  

Cost:  $$$$

Nylon - a single nylon core and various resistant wraps

Cost: $$

Polyester- single polyester fiber with a thin coating.little elasticity,feel stiff compared to nylon or multifilament strings, provides significantly better durability.

Cost: $$

Multifilament - many microfibers twisted together to a string, which is wrapped with a resisant cover. Advantage: higher elasticity and better playability.

Cost: $$$

Structured - designed to provide better ball bite and thus enhanced spin

Cost: $$

Hybrid - combination of two different strings for mains and crosses

Cost: Varies

* $$$$ for the most expensive


July 2012

Catalin Codita, Founder and Managing Director, is highlighted in the latest news published by Ontario Tennis Association, for his initiatives to develop the game of tennis amongst juniors in Scarborough.

Full article is available here:


May 2012

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Aprill 2012

  • iString launched TOTAL GUARANTEE, offering 100% satisfaction and warranty
  • Babolat N.Vy was added to the list of strings offered
  • Group Discount Program was launched