"I have used MSV Focus - HEX® (gauge 1.18mm) for 5 years now and I have found it to be the best poly to compliment the gut. It has great balance between feel and power and I especially like it for the serve and volley game. I wish I was aware of it when I was on tour." "



TennisSquare is the Importer and Distributor of highly acclaimed MSV strings in Canada.

MSV offers an impressive collection of new generation poly-based strings with desirable performance characteristics unique to the MSV Focus line of string products.

MSV strings offer what every player wants:

SPIN - More spin, more bite, more slice, more control

COMFORT -  More elasticity than most other poly-based strings

CONSISTENCY - Minimal tension loss.


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$ 15 CAD

MSV Focus Hex ™ is a first-class string offering :

1. First poly-based string available in a solid BLACK color. (Predates Black Code and RPM Blast)

2. First poly-based string offering extremely reasonable durability that is available in an 18L, 1.10mm, version.
3. First high-quality HEX-shaped co-poly available at a low cost .

Construction: New Generation poly-based string extruded in a Hexagonal form.

Advantage: This poly-based string offering features solid tension maintenance and long lasting performance but the most exciting advantage of this string is simply, "SPIN POTENTIAL." Playtesters describe this string in all gauges as "phenomenal" in regards to spin.  With the 1.10mm version, this may actually be an understatement!

In addition to spin and ability to hold it's playability, this string is also extremely comfortable. German lab tests have shown it to be superior to leading brands in the categories of elongation and elasticity. This leads to added comfort, power and all-around solid performance.

Gauges: 16L (1.27)17 (1.23mm), 18 (1.18mm), and 18L (1.10mm)

Length: 40' Sets and 660' Reels

Colors: White, Black, Red

Notes: The MSV Focus Hex has been voted "String of the Year" in 2007 and 2008 by tennis players and stringers who participated in the TennisForum string surveys. At $10 per set it is easily one of the best values in tennis, easily outperforming other well-known strings at approximately half the cost!   


MSV Focus HEX Reel (660 ft)

$ 100 CAD


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